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Kathleen F. Graham

Personal & Professional Coach

International Coach Federation Member

What is a personal professional coach?

A personal professional coach offers specific structures and strategies necessary for you to successfully achieve goals and enhance your level of satisfaction.  With a focus on positive change, growth and action, your coach will guide you to find a substantial way to break through your limitations, increase your effectiveness and consistently perform at your personal best.

Working with a personal professional coach, you can increase your satisfaction with your life’s work and with your life—through enhanced mastery and control that comes with greater self understanding. 

Mastery elevates results; results create success.

A personal professional coach can teach you how to be your best all the time because you will receive real-time customized feedback designed to strengthen your abilities and help you achieve your goals.

Just as Pavarotti needs a voice coach and Tiger Woods needs a golf coach, you can use a personal professional coach to “raise the bar” elevating your level of performance excellence.  The coaching process is integrated into your daily work and personal life schedule.  Coaching sessions can be done over the phone and are scheduled to be convenient for you.

Ask yourself these simple questions?

· Do you have a clear vision of where you want to be?

· Do you have clear professional goals?

· Are you interested in developing yourself?

· Are you about to make a critical decision pertaining to your life or career?

· Do you have trouble balancing work and your personal life?

· Are your talents and skills being wasted at your present job?

· Are you in career transition?

· Do you have some time and resources to invest in your future?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then you certainly could benefit from a personal professional coach.

In addition to our individual coaching programs we offer programs for organizations that include, team building, team productivity, empowering to win, time management and mastering change.  To learn more about our coaching services or to inquire about a free consultation.  Please contact us at


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